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International Symposium on Lead and Zinc Processing

Durban, South Africa, 25-29 February 2008

International symposia on lead and zinc have been held for over three decades. The 2008 event in Durban continues in this tradition.

  • 1970 - Lead-Zinc '70, St Louis, Missouri, USA (organized by TMS-AIME)
  • 1980 - Lead-Zinc-Tin '80, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (organized by TMS-AIME)
  • 1985 - Zinc '85, Tokyo, Japan (organized by MMIJ)
  • 1990 - Lead-Zinc '90, Anaheim, California, USA (organized by TMS-AIME)
  • 1995 - Zinc & Lead '95, Sendai, Japan (organized by MMIJ and MetSoc-CIM)
  • 1998 - Zinc and Lead Processing, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (organized by MetSoc-CIM)
  • 2000 - Lead-Zinc 2000, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (organized by TMS-AIME)
  • 2005 - Lead & Zinc '05, Kyoto, Japan (organized by MMIJ, TMS-AIME, MetSoc-CIM, GDMB)
  • 2008 - Lead and Zinc 2008, Durban, South Africa (organized by SAIMM)

Melody cruise ship This international forum will provide an opportunity for the lead and zinc processing industries to exchange information about current and future processing technologies for primary and secondary lead and zinc, as well as emerging technologies for both metals. The planned conference will discuss the way forward for our industry.

Topics for the technical sessions could include the following subject areas:

  • New processes and technology
  • Zinc and lead beneficiation
  • Zinc and lead pyrometallurgy
  • Zinc electrowinning
  • Purification
  • Solvent extraction
  • Process improvements
  • Developments in leaching
  • Bioleaching
  • Novel reagents
  • Environmental aspects of lead and zinc
  • Recycling
  • Formation processes that lead to deposits
  • Markets
  • Ore characterisation
  • Geology and MRM
  • Downstream value addition

The conference will take place on the cruise ship Melody, travelling between Durban and Bazaruto Island.

The conference is planned to run from 25-29 February 2008, with some short courses planned for the Saturday preceding the five-day conference. Post-conference plant visits will be arranged for those interested. These could include destinations such as Zincor and Fry's Metals in South Africa, and Skorpion Zinc and Rosh Pinah in Namibia.

Of significance to South African participants who are registered professional engineers, is the fact that this conference will provide points towards the Continuing Professional Development that is required (as of 1 January 2006) to maintain registration with the Engineering Council of South Africa.

The conference is organized by the SAIMM, and is co-sponsored by international organizations, such as TMS, GDMB, CIM Metsoc, and MMIJ.

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